Monday, 12 June 2017

Scottish Government’s proposed ban on wild animals in travelling circuses

The Scottish government has proposed banning wild animals in travelling circuses.  In the same vein as a proposed ban by the British government, they have said that they wish to ban wild animals in circuses based on ethical considerations although this premise has already been open to criticism by at least one academic ethicist.

In the case of a British ban, they chose to go down the ethical route because research by DEFRA in 2007 came to the conclusion that banning circuses with animals could not be undertaken on welfare grounds.  However, in December 2012, the British government decided to introduce legislation which involved the inspection and licensing of circuses with wild animals and any plans for a ban have now faulted.  Likewise, the Welsh assembly investigated a ban on wild animals in circuses.  However, it seems likely that the Welsh assembly will follow the British example of introducing an inspection and licensing scheme.

I have made clear my personal feelings that I would prefer regulation of animals in circuses which a number of countries have undertaken.  Some backgrounds on my position can be found on the blog linked below.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The End of Circuses. The End of Zoos?

    The End of Circuses, The End of Zoos?

 I also find it incredibly depressing how many people within zoo industry (some who regularly contribute to the various forums on social media) seem to be completely in denial about what is going on.

The Scottish Parliament is proposing a ban on wild animals in circuses.  The interesting thing about the proposed Scottish ban is that they wish to undertake this on ethical grounds, not as an issue of animal welfare.   

The British government adopted a similar position because they clearly stated that there were no grounds to ban animals in circuses on welfare grounds because it was not supported by the available scientific evidence.  Nevertheless, the British government propose ban has not taken place and decided to introduce regulation and inspection to ensure the welfare of circus animals in December 2014.  Moreover, it seems that the Welsh assembly is also going to adopt a regulation and inspection process rather than an original plan to ban wild animals in circuses.